Welcome to Thneedles!
M: *She snuggled up to him with a smile* C: *She smiled happily* My hero~ *She kissed his finger again*

J; *he slips his arm around her.*

P: hehe I do feel pretty cool being the rescuer.

Rose Petal squeaked as the kittens pounced on her "Yikes you play like my brothers X and TJ" she giggled as she rolled into a ball and rolled out of underneath them

*they scramble after her, trying to catch her.*

*takes a picture of them* Try not to trip or anything!

Zat’s ‘arder zan eet seems!

Rose Petal wiggled her fluffy bunny ears at the kitten and let out a chirp "Do you guys wanna play with me?" she asked getting in a play bow and wagging her cerci happily

*the kittens mimic her stance and on pounces at her.*

*giggles as Zephyr chases him* He's gaining on ya, Jaq!

Oh no! ‘Ow will I ever get away??

*the cub paused then charged at Jacques*

*he yells and runs, careful not to go too fast.* ‘elp! ‘Elp!

((Yup small just like a kitten)) Rose Petal was a bit nervous she did not protest at all as Pet picked her up and sat her in the pen she was however amazed "Hey there the same size as I am" she giggled as she sniffed them

*one of them mews and bats at her antennae.* let me know when you’re done.

M: If you say so baby. *She sat on the couch and grabbed some blankets for them* C: I know you won't let them get me.

J: *he pops the movie in and sits next to her, pulling the blankets over them.*

P: damn right I won’t

"Ya I would love to see them" Rose Petal chirped happily wagging her cerci

Then, if you don’t mind? *he picks her up slowly, giving her plenty of time to protest, and sets her in the kittens’ pen. They sniff at her curiously.*

(Is she small enough to do that?)

~Lucas looked at Jacques and smiles.~ Hey there. I'm just taking him out for a picnic, and some stargazing. I promise to have him back before midnight chief. ~He blinked when he saw Elise.~ Who's your friend?

J: *he scratches the gray kitten’s chin.* Zis ees my Elise. She’s my baby.

P: *comes back down the hall, glancing back and forth between them.8 I’m, I’m ready whenever you are.