Welcome to Thneedles!
(So... should I send a response to that last one...or not? Wouldn't want more anons freaking out.)

(If you want, so they can stop. My I’ll be gone for a bit though

(Pet can drop Lucas. It will hurt him a little, but he'd understand. If you must pick one. Pick Tea.)

(I planned to from the start, if Tea said no. They haven’t gotten to talk, though.

I guess me wanting to rp in a way I don’t normally is a problem.)

Your store has been trashed. On the walls carved into the plaster are two names. On the left wall reads "TEA" and on the right reads "ANON-KUN." On the wall opposite the door, written in red paint, "HOW MANY MORE DO YOU PLAN ON HURTING, YOU ASSHOLE!"

This.. Who did this? Who the hell has been in here?? *he slams the door and locks it tight. Keeping his back to the mess, he presses his forehead to the door and closes his eyes.* as if things weren’t bad enough.

Serves you right. Cheaters never prosper.

*stares at his feet.* things just.. Got out of hand..

*gives Pet and Jacques baskets of candy*

P: .. Thanks.

J: ooh Zank you! And zis ees for you~ *gives the Anon a chocolate bunny*

uh oh pet,you better break it off with that lucas,some other anon told tea about you and him,i cant believe youd fuck another man while being with tea,and an anon no less,shame on you

W-What? No! How could they.. I just went over there to try and talk to him about all this! Now they’ve probably gone and sent him into a panic!

*he covers his face and shakes his head.* god, what’s happening to me? What the hell am I doing..

M: *When he pulled his head away, she looked at him adoringly with a little smile* Alright, alright. I won't get you anymore baby. C: *She sighed a little bit with a sympathetic smile* You sound like me. My advice to you is to try your best. Even if it doesn't go the way you want, you tried your best. That's what I do in these situations.

J: *pouts* you like teasing me..

P: I suppose. *he sighs.* why are things so much more complicated than they used to be?

"Aww how sweet dear" Wiggly chirped happy

*he grins and shrugs.* thank you for visiting me today, Wiggly. It’s really cheered me up.

*She opens an eye to look up at him*

Come ‘ere. *he turns around and pulls her into his arms.*

M: *She giggled as she continued to kiss his nose* C: Hmm... Well, just make sure you're happy whatever happens

J: hehe.. He.. Stop! *he twists his head away from her.*

P: I don’t know if I can be happy if one of them ends up unhappy..